2019 is our YEAR

Thank you! Thank you for choosing me, our family and our future.

It’s always been you....only you


I  was born in Clearfield, PA and have been a middle school teacher for fourteen years.  I currently teach 6th grade American History at a southeastern Pennsylvania suburban school district.   On the side, I enjoy coaching the middle school football and basketball teams. During my college years at Bloomsburg University I was a student-athlete where I played linebacker for the football program. 

 I have a Master’s degree in School Leadership and believe that education is the most essential tool one can give a child. I thoroughly enjoy my job, in fact I've yet to work a day in my life. I adore my family & love the life Amy and I have created. We have three beautiful children, Gavin 11, Madison 10, and Hadley, 3. Life is good!



Far From An Accident...

Feb. 4, 2014

Four years ago, January 10, 2010, was the worst day of my life.  My wife, along with our two young children, was involved in a serious auto accident.  However, this was no accident.  My wife had been drinking, blacked out behind the wheel, left the highway, and slammed head-on into a tree at 60 mph.  The accident left my 5 year-old daughter fighting for her life.  In just a brief moment, everything worth living for was nearly snatched away from me.  My wife, after being eventually released from the hospital, went directly to an inpatient rehab facility.  My young daughter spent weeks in the hospital and then at home recovering.  My 7 year-old son was bruised and confused.  He had no mother or sister to which to come home.  Could things get any worse?  How had things gotten this far out of control?

 Today, those dark days seem so far behind us.  Our family life has never been better.  My wife, who at one point, I despised, inspires me to be a better person everyday.  My children, now look at their mother with pride and respect, rather than uncertainty and shame.  I look forward to seeing my wife each evening, rather than having a knot in my stomach from the unknown of what I may find when I get home.  Our home is full of love, warmth, playfulness, laughter, tickling and hugging rather than screaming, bitterness, and anger.  I couldn’t be more fulfilled, and I owe it all to my wife.  The work she has put in over the last four years to turn her life, and our family’s life around is simply extraordinary.  I look at her today and I see a motivated, confident, professional woman who makes it her focus to help others through some of the same struggles in which she has overcome.  She has come back from the lowest of low places, places from which many individuals don’t ever recover.  She has accomplished more in the past four years than many, whom were once in her position, accomplish in a lifetime.  I stood proudly as she returned to school and earned her Master’s degree.  I watched over several months as she worked on a book about her struggles, which is soon to be published.  I pass by her each night as she takes hours blogging, Tweeting, and Facebooking, all for the reason of helping total strangers though their personal challenges with addiction. Amy has so much insight, information, and experience to share with others whom are struggling with addiction.  In fact, if my wife could turn her life around through sobriety, then it is possible for anyone.

 Four years ago, I would have never thought this family life of ours possible.  Life is truly a gift and a blessing.

My Thoughts.... 

It wasn’t so long ago that I would have believed any of this was possible.  That was the point in my life when my world seemed to be crumbling around me.  My marriage was in shambles, my children seemed to be a second-thought, and my desire to be around my family was nil.  As many readers know, my wife Amy is an alcoholic.  And let me tell you, things were bad.  I hated being around her, I despised everything that had to do with our marriage.  This also trickled down to the relationship with our kids.  I didn’t want to come home from work.  I didn’t want to walk into another screaming match with a drunk wife.  I was tired of being put down, called names, and occasionally physically attacked.  I had nothing to look forward to in this life of mine.  I felt like it was always going to be like this.  Things were so hostile, that any change seemed impossible.

Yet, four years later I found myself standing at the starting line on a 5k “Zombie Race” with my kids and wife.  I took a few moments to look around at the other families in attendance.  I looked at their laughing faces filled with anticipation of the starting horn.  I thought back and remembered a time when nothing like this could have been conceived, my wife all decked out in her running attire, my kids smiling with excitement.  I wondered how I got to such a place that was so far from where we had been.  I felt so much at peace during that moment.  “So this is what makes life worth living?”, I thought.  It’s times like these where the enjoyment of being with your family supercedes all of the other issues in your hectic world.  I can’t stand running, but I will tell you that I enjoyed every inch of that race.  We jogged, we ran, we laughed, and we were a family.  If this turnaround is possible for our family, then it is possible for any family that is struggling.